Managed Hosting

Hosting Services you can build your business on.

The capital cost of building SaaS capable infrastructure is prohibitive. Then, because outages can be devastating to a SaaS vendor’s reputation, that infrastructure must be utterly reliable and available, and scale rapidly to meet demand. Finally, many SaaS providers lack the staff resources and experience required to move to a services model.

You're good at what you do. That's why you're in the business. And you want to focus on businesses that refine your strengths, overcome challenges, and thrive in the global marketplace increasingly competitive. Although infrastructure is critical to your IT to your business, it's not that it is possible to diagnose you an advantage. You do not want to deviate from the subject of routine tasks still involved in maintaining long Infrastructure your IT up and running.

We provide industry standard managed hosting solutions reliability and scalability. From basic colocation services and our full suite of managed infrastructure,
Leading companies around the world depend on us to build the infrastructure that their business depends.

We allow you to call the shots. You choose which aspects of the IT infrastructure you want to own Manage. Either you use few or many of our hosting services you can depend on us to improve the operational efficiency while dramatically cutting Costs. And be sure your systems are always available.

D-Expert Solutions can help you on all these fronts using SaaS Specialists with Proven Experience so you can:

Focus on your core competencies, not IT infrastructure

Immediately react to even the most dynamic business conditions with on-demand services are available when and where you need them

To save cash by outsourcing infrastructure model our innovative

Tap into our extensive network of experts in technology to increase staff expertise in your

We take a holistic approach to SaaS. We leverage rich industry heritage, secure global infrastructure, low-latency network, and specialized SaaS knowledge to deliver end-to-end solutions to SaaS companies.

We have a truly global reach. Our breadth of services and extensive hands-on experience with SaaS implementations allow our customers to achieve a greater market share and faster time to market than if they attempted to build and manage their own infrastructure.

We are leaders in SaaS innovation. We know SaaS. Our service-based service model gives us unique insight into what SaaS providers need to thrive in today’s volatile and increasingly competitive markets. We use this insight to support SaaS vendors through the entire lifecycle of their businesses.