Hosted Services

There's a change happening in the world of computing. In the past, meeting computing needs meant you had to buy servers, hire technical talent and then continually reinvest to keep up with technology. You not only had huge capital expense, you also had to deploy, scale, patch, maintain, backup and then monitor it all yourself 24x7x365. But that's a thing of the past.

Today, there is a new and better way—buying computing as a service from a hosting provider.

Here's why:

- Hosting frees businesses from hassles of in-house server management

- Businesses can shift focus to mission-critical apps, core competencies and innovation

- Hosting offers pay-per-use solutions and provides flexibility and scalability

As a Leader in Hosting and Cloud Computing, D-expert Solutions is a pure play expert and hosting provider. Whether you need a complex configuration or simple infrastructure, cloud computing for rapid scaling, or standard email and archiving hosting, we have the right solution. We don't just build the right solution for your business, we back it up with great Support—our can-do way of thinking that we bring to work every day.